link arms with us in this work.


In building my doTERRA business, this is what I get to do: gather folks to learn about natural ways to support their health, create lasting connections and community, grow myself by facing stumbling blocks that crop up along the way, all with a community of like minded women who are on the exact same path. I get to nerd out about plant chemistry and share the knowledge in order to further empower others with their physical and emotional health using essential oils. I get to hear, every day, from people who use the oils and how it has changed their health, elevated their every day, aided them in their focus and clarity and creativity, helped them and their bubs sleep better, manage stress better, reduce their digestive discomforts, feel more energetic, more connected.


I get to develop my own leadership skills (!) by growing a team of others who join me on this journey in sharing the healing benefits of plants. We get to actually create our own schedules and work from home (especially meaningful for the mamas on the team). We get to work towards the different leadership 'ranks' in the business, which represent not only how many homes we've impacted with the oils but the residual income that we can create for ourselves, our family, our future. We all rise up - together. We get to create a future of time + financial freedom. This is what we're doing. We do this by teaching about essential oils, hosting classes and workshops, and supporting our customers.

Create a conscious business with doTERRA

I have truly come to believe that network marketing - as a business model - offers exactly what people want in today's world of work: full ownership of schedule and time, location independence, residual income, purpose and community. The 9-5 hustle is just not cutting the mustard, is it? 

If you have a big and beautiful vision for your life that looks something like this, and if this has ignited a sense of curiosity inside you and you feel compelled to find out more, then know that I'm always welcoming new teammates and would love to chat.