Create a conscious business with doTERRA


If you like the sound of a life that doesn't revolve around a 9-5 paradigm of unfulfilling work and bills and minimal time to actually live your own life, maybe you need to look into an alternative business model. (Hint: network marketing. Haha. Spoiler!) 
A business with doTERRA comes with residual income potential, full ownership over your schedule and time, and being immersed in the most incredible company culture and collective of people you can imagine.


a millennial dream

I'll tell you a bit about my story. A millennial with big dreams of living a life of fulfilment and contribution. Financial and location freedom. Personal growth. Paradigm shifts. A likeminded community of people. Creative expression. Doing something meaningful, in some way. This is what I want out of my life. I agonised for years about my professional life and "what I was going to do" given that I had a full body rejection to the corporate world and basically any job that would evaluate me as a human being based solely on what I could write on a CV. I still sometimes feel like that is what I "should" be doing, according to other people. But no. thanks.

I was aware of doTERRA for years before I actually bought my first set of oils, and not too long after that, the penny dropped for me that the business opportunity that went alongside it encapsulated everything that I had been desiring.

An incredible tribe of heart-centred humans, collaborating and supporting one another in ways I had never witnessed before.
A team culture based on spiritual growth and personal development first and foremost.
An incredible product that is shaking things up in the world of healthcare.
A company with epic integrity and ethics.
A chance to create my own business and total freedom, without actually having to start a company from scratch.
A platform to for my own creative self-expression.
(Oh, and a generous compensation plan too, with significant earning potential)

the business opportunity

Our 'job' entails empowering others - our customers - with natural solutions in the form of essential oils, whether it be for deeper sleep, emotional support, better digestion, enhanced immunity or reducing toxicity in the home. We do this by teaching essential oil introduction classes/1:1s (like I do). One of my team members (turned dear friend), Ellie, has created this page dedicated to our team so that you can get more of a feel for it! 

It also entails supporting those customers who, like me (and maybe like you?), one day wake up and decide to share the oils too. We plug them into the training and resources needed to build a successful doTERRA business, we then support each other on team calls, we collaborate on projects and get SO excited about each other's rising and expansion. (There is truly no sense of competition here, anywhere.) 

I'm always looking for new teachers and teammates! If any of this resonates with you, then don't hesitate to get in touch and we can chat about it further.