Essential oils: a brief introduction

What is an essential oil?

If you've ever rubbed lavender or rosemary between your fingers and enjoyed the scent, then you're acquainted with the aromatic qualities of essential oils already! But essential oils provide so much more for us than just a pleasant scent...they possess some badass chemistry which supports our physical + emotional health in significant ways.

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. I get really excited about plant chemistry... just so you know. 'Volatile' means they evaporate easily, which is why you can pretty much smell an oil as soon as you unscrew the cap of a bottle. As for the compounds - this is the exciting bit! Essential oils are comprised of up to hundreds of different chemical compounds. Within the plant, these play crucial roles in protecting it from environmental threats, repelling pests, attracting pollinators and healing from infection. In essence: they are the immune system of the plant. 

All these different compounds?
Once extracted and placed in a little glass bottle…
WE get to access those healing, protective, regenerative properties that they provide for the plants. (Us and plants, we're made of the same stuff, y'know?)

▴ Lavender and frankincense relax the nervous system, reduce inflammation, and promote radiant skin
▴ Lemon and other citrus oils are high in antioxidants that support our detoxification pathways
▴ ZenGest blend is the one for digestive harmony
▴ Peppermint opens our airways and can improve exercise performance (and wakes you the F up in the afternoons) (and helps with headaches) (and supports digestion) (and all the things)
▴ Rosemary helps promote hair growth
▴ Marjoram, cypress, wintergreen, lemongrass and countless others can relieve joint and muscle soreness


doterra + new paradigm business practices

I've chosen to be an ambassador, or a wellness advocate, for doTERRA essential oils. This is why I wouldn't (and don't) use another brand, and why I adore supporting this company:


▴ No other essential oil company tests its oils for purity as rigorously as doTERRA. There's no one singular standard of purity in the aromatherapy industry, and adulteration is very common. So doTERRA decided to set their own standard: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). This refers to a whole process of lab tests that each batch of oil goes through after distillation to ensure it's free of contaminants, pesticides, fillers, heavy metals and synthetic compounds. Each batch of oil is also third-party tested, the results of which are freely available via (an amazing resource to learn more about the sourcing methods, too). Transparency, baby! 

▴ doTERRA's mission is to deliver the health-enhancing benefits of essential oils with the world, but not without caring equally about the health of its supply chain. As many of the oils are sourced from developing countries (where the plants best thrive), doTERRA have an opportunity to positively impact communities in these areas, which they do through their co-impact sourcing model and their Healing Hands Foundation. I really urge you to click through those links and read more about each of those initiatives. Every year millions of dollars go back into communities in Somalia, Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar and many other countries where the oils are sourced, often by collaborating with local NGOs and charities on the ground to make a profound impact in these impoverished areas. (Think: access to clean water, education, healthcare facilities.)

there is no other essential oils company rooted in this kind of integrity and impact.
This is conscious business in action.

If you're a conscious consumer - which I know you are - then you'll want to know that this is where your money goes. When you buy doTERRA oils, you're voting with your dollar for more of these business practices. Economic growth can actually go hand-in-hand with heart and ethics, and they must, and we're moving into a world where only companies that realise this will survive. 

my journey with doterra so far

I bought my first oils because I became curious in the ways in which they could enhance my emotional wellbeing and connection to myself, and I liked the idea of having little botanical sidekicks around to support any health issues that cropped up. I use them to keep my nervous system grounded (anxious feels anyone?), to help with focus, creativity and concentration, I've eliminated loads of chemical-laden household cleaners and cosmetics in lieu of making my own natural stuff (same with skincare!) and of course I turn to them first in case of headaches, sniffles, pains, skin irritations, digestive upsets. I haven't walked into a pharmacy in years. 

Once I realised that 1) essential oils were in themselves such an effective, holistic healing modality, and that this is what is so desperately needed in our current healthcare model, and 2) if I wanted to, I could share these oils and create a business in doing so, I decided to jump in and start growing my own team of customers and fellow teachers. 

lemon water.jpeg

over to you.

If you're ready to explore the world of essential oils, I can't wait for you to receive your first order. And don't worry: you won't just get a bunch of oils and not know what to do with them. I'm here for ongoing support and to provide resources so that you have plenty ideas of how to integrate them into your daily life and make the most out of them.

If we haven't yet had a chat about what might best support you, or if you haven't had an in-person experience with the oils yet (because you can read about them all you want but ultimately, you wanna get those aromatic compounds all up in your nostrils to get a feel for them, amirite?!) then drop me an email - I'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you're already ready to order, right this way!