We're part of a shift here


I’m excited.

At the moment I’m studying Seth Godin’s work pretty voraciously. He speaks to a new paradigm in learning, business, work and life. He speaks about marketing as a generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. “Work that matters, for people who care.”

There are endless podcasts and talks on Youtube where you can hear him spread his ideas for free. I particularly enjoy this talk, this interview, this podcast, this interview also, and his daily blog.

(I actually highly recommend checking out all those links if you’re interested in the future of business, work, education, marketing, leadership, spreading ideas and making change. Or, if you’re like me: a young person wanting a more fulfilling and creative life than being a cog in the machine, not tied down to any one particular spot on the map, with freedom to live + earn + work on my terms.)

I’m excited because in everything that he speaks about, I see doTERRA. I see the opportunity that I, and you, have right in front of us. To do work that matters - empowering people to care for their health, holistically, with essential oils. To provide gentle, natural solutions to everyday ailments, yes, but also as tools for greater emotional self-awareness and healing. This is work that MATTERS, for people who care. We don’t even have to make the product or ship it! That is already taken care of by doTERRA. We just need the courage, the boldness, to say to our community, “hey, I’m doing this thing. I have something special and important to share, here. Are you open to hearing about it, and if it resonates with you, will you tell someone else who may need to hear it?”

I’m learning that that is what leadership is. It’s going first, it’s doing something that feels risky, it’s having a vision for what is possible for your life and the lives of others. And then, allowing space for it all to unfold.

We all have the noise in our heads - I am more than familiar with it - the fear, the doubt. But we are here to do work that matters, for people who care.

Thank you doTERRA for facilitating this kind of business model, where collaboration is the only way forward, where deep personal growth is intrinsic to the process, where there are no glass ceilings, where we get compensated for exactly the amount of work we put into sharing the oils + growing a network (regardless of gender, educational background, previous work experience, etc), where we are invited every day to do the (sometimes scary) thing of connecting heartfully with others, of offering to meet someone’s needs, of offering them a better way, of inviting them into their own leadership (because ultimately we are the leaders of our own lives).

More about creating your own doTERRA business right here. Will you join me?