Lavender + sea salt dark chocolate

Not only is this particular flavour unexpected and incredibly tasty, but you can adjust it and use lots of other different oils to your taste - peppermint, orange, lime, ginger, cardamom... omg, can you imagine? And I can imagine this would be SUCH a fun activity to do with kids. It's SO. SIMPLE. And incredibly rewarding to consume, knowing you (sort of) made it yourself!

(Only do this with doTERRA essential oils that are approved for internal use as a food flavouring.)

⚡️ You just melt a bar of good-quality dark chocolate (100g), in a bowl over boiling water.
⚡️ Remove from the heat and stir in 1-2 drops of lavender oil (I do 2). I dropped the oil onto a spoon first and then mixed it in (to avoid too much going in by mistake).
⚡️ Then dollop little rounds of it onto parchment paper and leave to cool in the fridge! Or just tip it all out onto parchment paper for it to cool down as one solid block.
⚡️ BONUS EXTRA: before putting it in the fridge, sprinkle over a little sea salt for extra fancy vibesssss. You could also stir in chopped nuts, seeds, dried fruit - endless combinations. Have fun with it. Wouldn't that make a nice gift, too? Wrapped up in nice paper and wrapped with string?