Why am I doing this essential oils thing?


In the last three years that I've been formally studying natural medicine and nutritional therapy, I've discovered essential oils and their significant therapeutic effects on the body + mind. 

Through buying my first doTERRA oils, I became part of a whole tribe of people using essential oils to support their health, reduce toxicity in the home, and to contribute to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I fell in love with the whole thing. The oils. The community. The company itself. The conversation around personal empowerment with regards to health. Profound experiences people were having with the oils. Then, there were people creating their own doTERRA businesses by sharing the oils. Sharing their light, sharing their love (and in doing so, creating lives of financial abundance and freedom). I was curious. I wandered in. And now here I am, sharing the oils myself.

I am really passionate about integrative approaches to healthcare. I'm not a doctor, obviously. I don't pretend to know all the challenges, pressures and stress that medical professionals face. The health crisis is for real. What plagues most people are chronic and degenerative health conditions for which there is little conventional medicine can do, except prescribe pharmaceuticals, which invariably have side effects, and don't address the root cause of chronic illness. Most of these conditions are in large part rooted in lifestyle factors - diet, toxic load, hydration, exercise, sleep and stress (the biggie). The medical profession just isn't geared towards educating patients on these things.

One of my favourite people to follow at the moment is a fellow doTERRA advocate - Dr Robin Fawcett (also goes by "The Essential GP" on Facebook). Watch any of her videos and you'll be a follower for life. A few months ago she discussed in this video how she finds her work in sharing essential oils and healthy lifestyles more rewarding and fulfilling than her work as a GP, where she feels primarily like a disease manager, rather than an advocate for health. In sharing healthy lifestyle tools, by teaching classes in her community and growing a team of people doing the same, she feels she has more of an impact and carries out more healing than what she can achieve in a doctor's surgery (I HIGHLY recommend you watch her videos if you're interested in what I'm writing here!)

Essential oils are a gateway for that. Essential oils are healing in and of themselves - reducing pain and inflammation, easing stress responses, promoting sleep, supporting immunity and digestion, etc - but they're also an invitation into a lifestyle of empowerment, where people can feel inspired to become their own healer, to do their own research, to make lifestyle adjustments and take their health into their own hands. This - THIS - is what me and fellow "wellness advocates" are doing with doTERRA. Creating ripples of change, disrupting healthcare from the ground up. There's so much more, too, that doTERRA are doing to shake up healthcare in the US. But I'll save that for another time!