walk with me


what feels like a lifetime of paralysis has preceded the publication of this first post. dramatic, right!? well, ....yes. okay. granted. a bit OTT. but it's true - for me. and that's a good intro to what this website is going to reflect: what's true for me. a cosy space for a healthy dose of self-expression. maybe.. you will enjoy it. hopefully.. you will let me know if you do.

right now, what's true for me is this. i have no idea what i'm doing, and there's been a lot of procrastination in getting this little blog going (read: fear). but this year has been deeply transformational for me - there's been a lot of growth, learning, and self discovery - and i know that writing and sharing my not-so-revelatory revelations along the way might create some kind of positive ripple effect. 

a space for self expression, honesty, collaboration, and nourishing conversation. i feel like this could grow into something very cool.

what will you find here? words about living, loving and eating mindfully, questions that will invite you to delve a little deeper within yourself, nice photos, and the odd recipe weaved in. here's what kinds of things i have swirling around my head at most given moments, infusing together and brewing like my most favourite loose-leaf tea:

mindful living. taking responsibility for our inner space.
eating consciously to feed our body & soul. food as medicine.
authentic self expression. creativity. challenging our limiting beliefs. rewriting inner narratives.
asking better questions - to each other and to ourselves.

(and i'm most likely also thinking about what kind of granola i'm going to make next)

there's a lot to chat about. walk with me.