Resources for using your oils


I'm writing this specifically for you if you've recently ordered your first oils (probably a Home Essentials kit), or if you feel like you need some fresh sources of information and education. It’s literally my job now to provide product support and make sure you make the most of them. The last thing ANY wellness advocate wants is for your oils to sit on the shelf and not get used - consistency of use is everything with these oils. 

So, that said, here are some great resources to start with.

Modern Essentials is the main reference we use in doTERRAland for finding what oils to use for particular ailments. It's a perfect starting point for learning more about oils and how they're used, and there's some lovely science information in there too! You can find it here in the UK. (You can also get it as an app for about a fiver, by the same name. SUPER handy)
- Please get yourself a copy of Emotions & Essential Oils - this will guide you through exploring the subtle and energetic aspects of the oils. A non-negotiable for tending to the soul.
- Valerie Ann Worwood (one of the world’s leading aromatherapists) has some amazing books. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is great, as is The Fragrant Pharmacy. All on Amazon.


- doTERRA have some amazing ebooks! They’re all here.


My *FAVOURITE* person to follow and learn from is a fellow doTERRA wellness advocate who is a GP. She’s American, lives in London. The Essential GP - Dr Robin Fawcett is her Facebook page, and on the ‘Videos’ tab there is a wealth of recordings of her wisdom and knowledge. I have a massive intellectual crush on her...
- Some nice videos to get started are: Introduction to Essential Oils - online class (about an hour long but she goes through the 10 oils in the Home Essentials kit - worth watching)
- Women particularly might appreciate her tips for a healthy menstrual cycle
- And one of my favourites is this one on her views about what’s needed in transforming healthcare and why she finds sharing doTERRA a more rewarding job than her work as a GP in the NHS. I've linked to this in previous posts - I just can't overstate how significant this is.


His site can be a little annoying with all his marketing and whatnot but it's ultimately a good resource for all things natural health, with endless posts about essential oils and their healing properties, like this one all about Frankincense (Frank is king!) He usually properly references his articles with research so I appreciate that.


At some point you’ll probably want to get some glass roller balls, spray bottles, etc for making DIY creations… (blends, face oils, cleaning spray, room mist; endless natural low-tox stuff to be made!) Amazon is my friend for this.
Certainly you do want some carrier oil for using the oils topically on your skin. I use doTERRA's Fractionated Coconut Oil (unscented, super light, absorbs easily), and also rosehip and jojoba oil (nice for the face) which you can get at health food stores (or pharmacies in Switzerland).