Layers of healing


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the link between our emotional landscape and physical manifestations of pain or dis-ease. I’ve been contemplating this for years, have a few books on the topic and am fascinated by the mind-body, stress-disease connection (and the field of psychoneuroimmunology that studies this). But this week my ponderings have come from a more experiential place, prompted by the fact that I threw my back out a week ago (very random and unexpected; I have no history of back trouble), and as I lay on the floor after crumbling down, unable to move, feeling safe in the hands of my boyfriend’s sister (whose house we were at), I was already wondering: wow, my body is really trying to get my attention.

It has struck me how this spasm, this giving out of my back - the structure that keeps me standing - and the tightness, stiffness - and pain that ensued… was a clear reflection of aspects of my emotional life, matters of the heart, things I’m working through and healing (with the care and help of a therapist, I might add).

The usual disclaimer: this isn’t personal advice. Seek medical advice where appropriate. However, I know that part of my purpose - in this life and in this business - is to remind us all to consider the emotional aspect of our physical ailments. Thinking about health holistically means considering the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our life, and the interrelatedness of all three. Yes, I’m going to an osteopath to get my back checked out for structural issues. AND, I will continue to inquire within (with support), even though it’s uncomfortable. Yes, it’s uncomfortable; it’s easier to avoid the truths we’ve been avoiding for a long time. It’s uncomfortable to look under the mask.

But I want a life that is rich in meaning, depth, purpose, connection, creativity and inner wisdom… and I know that that kind of vibrant spiritual life requires me to do the inner work. Is it going to be easy breezy from here on out? No. Is it going to be worth it? I reckon so. I’ll have to get back to you. ;)

How does this tie in with doTERRA? Seamlessly. Essential oils assist us with all of this. With the physical and emotional planes of healing. With the more subtle and energetic planes of healing. They work on a biochemical, structural, physical level (Deep Blue blend has been a lifesaver for my back, amongst others)… and they work on an invisible, experience-based, unquantifiable level that is to be FELT, rather than explained.

If you’re yet to bring these oils into your life (and doTERRA oils are the only independently tested brand to have the therapeutic activity and purity that they have), let’s speak and get you started. Email me, or head straight here if you’re ready to order.