THAT question


“Isn’t it still a bit like a pyramid scheme though?”

We hear this from time to time within the world of network marketing, so here are some of my thoughts.

Firstly, not many people actually know what a pyramid scheme even is, and how an illegal scheme differs from a legitimate network marketing/direct selling/multi-level marketing business model.

I guess what makes some people raise an eyebrow is that, in order for a someone in this industry to be successful, they rely - in part - from growing their own sales team. (“Oh, so you have to recruit people to sell the oils too?”) I understand the skepticism - I really do.

Here’s the thing though. We are part of a movement in natural healthcare. Of course we want to ignite other people to come on the journey with us (i.e. ‘find builders’). People who are enthusiastic about the oils, use them, live the lifestyle, see the value for themselves, and see the value in sharing that with others.

A traditional entrepreneur may, at some stage, hire a sales or marketing team when it’s time they want to expand their reach and make more sales. This is a total no-brainer.

This is the exact same concept. We have a product - a solution to people’s problems, a healthy lifestyle, a whole mindset shift around health and proactively taking care of ourselves - that works. That is verifiably pure. That is sourced with unheard of transparency and integrity, through a sourcing model that improves the lives of hundreds of thousands.

We make money from our sales of these products, and yes, we share the opportunity for others to sell the oils too, if they’re interested. And we earn some commission from their sales, too. Lots of people start sharing the oils naturally, anyway, because it’s easy to share something that has worked for you that could help someone else.

It might not be conventional, but to me it actually makes so much sense that our financial success should lie, in part, with how successful we are at delivering our message and inspiring that shift in others that has them saying, “I’m in, and I want to share this with my community too.” That’s how it should be, and that will only happen with a product and a message that is truly impacting others for the better.

This is how movements happen. A leader ignites others to share the message. Rinse and repeat.