About me


I'm Vee - you might know that already - but if not, then, hey! I'm so excited that you're here. Thank you. It's So Very Exciting to have a website you can join me on (in? at?...)

You're likely here to read more about essential oils. I'm a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, which means that I've chosen to partner with this wonderful company to share their essential oils, loud and proud. I teach about these plant extracts and how they can be used as tools for supporting our health and self-care. I believe teaching about healthy lifestyles is kind of an undercover way of disrupting the healthcare system (in the best possible way).

In sharing + selling these oils, I'm creating a business that is location independent (my actual dream), with the potential for financial and time freedom that is simply not accessible though a conventional career/work life (which I've never wanted, much to my mother's dismay). The business aspect of doTERRA is something I love just as much as the oils themselves, because within it I've found the perfect model to live + earn + connect + contribute in ways I've always dreamed about. You can read more about that here (and if you want to walk this path with me, too, wherever you are in the world, it's yours for the taking).



Other fun facts - 

△ I have a BA in Economics and International Development, which means little in practise, but it did leave me with a distaste for classic assumptions about economic growth and wellbeing (i.e. profit is king) and an interest in conscious & social enterprise

△ I'm also a qualified English language teacher and taught adults for a couple of years after uni. Although I was always awful at lesson planning (cba) I loved teaching and helping others communicate better (awww)

△ I have an American/European hybrid accent so I'm always asked where I'm from. The full answer involves a few places: Switzerland (home), Argentina, New York, Poland, Ireland... but currently I live with my other half in Brighton, UK

△ Being an auntie to my three nephews is a great JOY of my life

△ Guilty musical pleasures include reggaeton/latin pop (I am half Argentinian) and Sean Paul circa 2005 😎


We can hang out on instagram, too! 👇