About me


I'm Vee - you might know that already - but if not, then, hey! I'm so excited that you're here. Thank you. It's So Very Exciting to have a website you can join me on (in? at?...)

You're likely here to read more about essential oils. I'm a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, which means that I've chosen to partner with this wonderful company to share their essential oils, loud and proud. I teach about these plant extracts and how they can be used as tools for supporting our health and self-care. I believe teaching about healthy lifestyles is kind of an undercover way of disrupting the healthcare system (in the best possible way).

In sharing + selling these oils, I'm creating a business that is location independent (my actual dream), with the potential for financial and time freedom that is simply not accessible though a conventional career/work life (which I've never wanted, much to my mother's dismay). The business aspect of doTERRA is something I love just as much as the oils themselves, because within it I've found the perfect model to live + earn + connect + contribute in ways I've always dreamed about. You can read more about that and our team here.


Other fun facts - 

△ I have a BA in Economics and International Development, which means little in practise, but it did leave me with a distaste for classic assumptions about economic growth and wellbeing (i.e. profit is king) and an interest in conscious & social enterprise

△ I have an American/European hybrid accent so I'm always asked where I'm from. The full answer involves a few places: Switzerland (home), Argentina, New York, Poland, Ireland... but I've been in Brighton, UK for nearly ten years

△ Guilty musical pleasures include reggaeton/latin pop (I am half Argentinian) and Sean Paul circa 2005 😎

△ All the photos on this website (except the blog posts) were taken by my beautiful friend and talented personal branding photographer Becky Rui!


We can hang out on instagram, too! 👇