in the light

so, i moved back to brighton two weeks ago, and i've been waking up to some pretty magnificent light. the morning sun streams in casting striking shadows and backlighting the house plants. i've always preferred to wake up with natural light and used to purposefully open my blinds before going to sleep. i'm a deep, heavy sleeper and need that extra nudge to get up in the morning if i can help it. i totally get that some people need pitch darkness and blackout curtains in order for their slumber not to be disrupted by the sun saying hello in the wee hours; i reckon i'd never get out of bed.

(disclaimer: this is england and sun-drenched mornings and days are something of a rarity, to be embraced by sun worshippers like me at any opportunity)

walk with me


what feels like a lifetime of paralysis has preceded the publication of this first post. dramatic, right!? well, ....yes. okay. granted. a bit OTT. but it's true - for me. and that's a good intro to what this website is going to reflect: what's true for me. a cosy space for a healthy dose of self-expression. maybe.. you will enjoy it. hopefully.. you will let me know if you do.

right now, what's true for me is this. i have no idea what i'm doing, and there's been a lot of procrastination in getting this little blog going (read: fear). but this year has been deeply transformational for me - there's been a lot of growth, learning, and self discovery - and i know that writing and sharing my not-so-revelatory revelations along the way might create some kind of positive ripple effect. 

a space for self expression, honesty, collaboration, and nourishing conversation. i feel like this could grow into something very cool.

what will you find here? words about living, loving and eating mindfully, questions that will invite you to delve a little deeper within yourself, nice photos, and the odd recipe weaved in. here's what kinds of things i have swirling around my head at most given moments, infusing together and brewing like my most favourite loose-leaf tea:

mindful living. taking responsibility for our inner space.
eating consciously to feed our body & soul. food as medicine.
authentic self expression. creativity. challenging our limiting beliefs. rewriting inner narratives.
asking better questions - to each other and to ourselves.

(and i'm most likely also thinking about what kind of granola i'm going to make next)

there's a lot to chat about. walk with me.